Skin Cancer and Melanoma

A licensed New Jersey physician, Dr. Coyle Connolly sees patients throughout Southern and Central New Jersey. Dr. Coyle Connolly offers a variety of cosmetic dermatology procedures and also treats skin cancer. In fact, his office was the first in its region to offer the MelaFind, a device that identifies moles containing cancerous cells.

A leading cancer among Americans, skin cancer is diagnosed in more than two million people each year. Nearly five million Americans receive treatment annually for the disease, which results in expenditures of $8.1 billion, according to the surgeon general. Of the 3.5 million types of skin cancers, melanoma is the most fatal, taking the lives of 9,000 per year. The current melanoma death rate is a 200% increase from 1973.

Melanoma can be caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation when tanning under the sun or in a tanning bed. The body’s skin cells begin to mutate and rapidly multiply, which results in malignant tumors. The tumors take on a form that resembles a discolored mole. Primarily black or brown, the mole, also known as melanoma, can also be pink, purple, white, and red. Early detection is the key to curing the disease.


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