Skin Cancer Prevention

Dr. Coyle Connolly is a board certified dermatologist, assistant clinical professor, author, researcher, and is widely considered a thought leader in the field of dermatology. At Dr. Coyle Connolly’s dermatology practice locations throughout New Jersey, patients can receive a wide variety of care ranging from cosmetic procedures to treatment of rashes and skin cancer.

Skin cancer can be life-threatening. However, in many cases, it can be prevented. There are various approaches a person can take to limiting their risk of developing skin cancer, and these center on minimizing exposure to UV radiation from the sun. Early detection is key as skin cancer is often curable when found early.

People should make an effort to avoid being outside at the times of day when the sun’s rays are most direct, namely from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. Additionally, when people are out in the sunlight, they should wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and clothing that covers the body. They must keep in mind that the sun’s rays can cause skin damage on cloudy or overcast days, as well any other time of year, including the winter months. Finally, tanning beds, another source of UV radiation, ought to be avoided. An alternative is bronzers or natural spray tan for those seeking a “tanned” look without damaging the skin from artificial or natural ultraviolet radiation.


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